Electrical Services

We start our work for challenging projects to reach our goals and objectives as specified. We provide all kinds of services related with Electrical Testing and Commissioning work, Engineering Designing & Consulting and related Civil Work.

Erection Works

HT/LT Line

EHV transmission line

Sub station

Transformer, VCB, CT / PT


Industrial Machinery

Operation & Maintenance Works

HT / EHT Line  

Sub station

HT/LT Panels

Industrial machinery


Special Types Of Services

Relay testing/relay coordination

Power Factor Improvement

Emergency Breakdown Services

Energy Audit

Technical Modification  

Providing manpower services for electrical installation  

Testing & Commissioning Work

We are also providing testing and commissioning services for the Meters, control and relay panels, VCB panels, all types of Power and Distribution transformers, Breakers, Earth Pit, CT / PT, Substation switchgears, residential/commercial electrification etc.

Engineering, Designing & Consulting Services

We are providing all Engineering, Designing & consulting services for our EHV Transmission line & Sub-Station projects on TURN KEY base. We also provide all Electrical Liaison work with Government dept.

Designing and Execution of 11 / 22 / 33 / 66 / 132 KV / 220KV / 400KV /765 KV switchyard job with O/H transmission Line consisting of engineering / preparation of system design & drawings / supply / installation / testing / commissioning of switchyard equipments like 2-pole structure, OH line, transformers, Breakers, HT/LT Panels, HT/LT cable laying & termination, Earthing Station/system, Lighting etc. complete.

Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of electrical equipment like HT/LT Switchgear, Transformers, HT/LT Motors, Bus-duct of rating 600/800/1000/1600/2500/3200 Amp, control panels, distribution boards, interlock testing, protection checks, primary and secondary injection, relay testing, etc.

Design, Fabrication, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Power Control Centre, Main Power Distribution Board, Motor Control Centre, Main Lighting Distribution Board, Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel, thyristorised Control Panel, HT/LT Bus ducts, Programmable Logic Control Panel and other panel boards as per tailor made requirement.

Design, Schedule, Preparation and Laying of HT & LT power/control cables, special instrument & control cables underground or on trays, walls, structures, etc. as required.

Cable end termination of HT & LT, Outdoor/Indoor types using Heat Shrink/Push on type terminations and making of straight through joints using Compound / Heat Shrink type kits.

Designing, installation, testing and commissioning of illumination systems in industrial plants, outdoor & indoor, consisting of different types of lighting fixtures (normal/ flameproof type/increased safety type) installation of walls, structures, chimney, Offices, control etc.

Designing, installation, testing and commissioning of Street Lighting system using MH/HPMV/HPSV lighting fixtures, MS tubular/rail poles, PSC poles incl. Tower lighting etc.

Designing, installation, testing and commissioning of Earthing system consisting of Pipe type/Plate type Earthing stations, incl. Relevant civil works, installation of earth strips, grid formation, interconnection, equipment Earthing.

Designing and installation of Lightning protection systems incl. Installation of lightning phenyls on high rise structures, buildings, tanks, laying of strips, Earthing stations, etc.

D.G. set installation, testing & commissioning including preparation of drawing & approval of Installation from the Electrical Inspector as per Govt. Rules & Regulation.

Fabrication of structures, ladder type cable trays, joining of readymade trays, accessories, frame work, heavy supports structural work for the trays, base frames, etc.

Testing of Protective relays, Transformer Oil testing, Calibration of Ammeter, Voltmeter as per ISO procedure, Hi-pot testing of cable etc.