Industrial Automation Policy
Our working policy for projects is as follows :

Receiving inquiry from customer

Study the inquiry, doing its engineering

Selecting proper components by detailed engineering and make schedule of work for target time period

Accordingly make quotations for price

Receiving order from customer

Make electrical designs & drawings

Submit to customer for approval

After approval, start work on approved engineering we have done

Complete work within time committed to customer with 100% customer satisfaction

Our working policy for software services(New Developments) is asfollows :

Receiving inquiry from customer

Analyzing the inquiry to understand customers requirement

Selecting proper softwares from the results of analysis and make schedule of work for target time period

Accordingly make quotations for price breakup

Receiving order from customer

Start development of the software to suit the exact requirement

Download the software in the hardware (PLC system / HMI / SCADA Computer) at customers floor

Testing the developed software with hardware mentioned above and doing minor modifications during trial with actual devices

Hand-over the developed software to client after finalized it with machine trial & payment received for the service

Our working policy for repairing is as follows :

Receiving faulty material from customer

Checking for hardware faults

Checking for software faults (For HMIs & PLCs)

Find out exact fault in the device received

Offering the price estimation of repairing to the customer

After approval and commercially clear purchase order to us, we start material repairing

Checking the repaired hardware for 24-Hours continuous powered ON condition (Quality Test at our premises)

Send material to customer after quality test completed within our premises

Receiving repairing amount within one week from the date of material dispatch Note: We are providing programming software support for Safety PLC & its IOs for Siemens systems